Which Letter, Which Letter Shall I Choose?

First of all, I thought that when she learned the truth about Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham, Lizzie would change.  But she hasn’t. She’s still the same prideful, prejudiced, ignorant character that she always was.  Sure, she now knows the truth about Wickham, but she still in a way hates Mr. Darcy.  She still screams at him in her mind, calling him prideful and prejudiced. Its annoying.  Now, I am rooting for Mr. Darcy to never end up with Lizzie because she’s so very ungrateful. Then on top of that, she feels so arrogant that Mr. Darcy asked her to marry him.  I believe that if Mr. Darcy knew how very much she hated him and ended so close to “falling in love with Wickham,” he never would have asked her to marry him.  It’s stupidity like Lizzie’s that makes me go, “Well she deserves to live out her life as an old maid.”

Ok, so beside the fact that I’m not happy with Lizzie right now, I’m even more impeccably disgusted by Lydia’s and Kitty’s behavior.  Lydia and Kitty were sent by their father in the Carriage to pick up Lizzie and Jane.  They stopped at an inn that served food, ordered food but did not have enough money to do so because they bought things before coming to the inn.  Stupidity at its finest, then when Lizzie and Jane come in they say, “aren’t we so kind of sisters?  To take you out to lunch?  But can you lend me some money?  I spent my money on my newest bonnet!  Isn’t it so ugly?”  Like where on earth does this even come from?  I don’t like people who are just users, like Lydia, who only uses her sisters to give her things.  If they don’t, then she starts whining, and crying.

I find this line very interesting:

“Had I been in love, I could not have been more wretchedly blind.  But vanity, not love, has been my folly.” page 204

To me, this is the whole denial thing once more.  I think that this line is impeccably so very close to one of the main themes, it could be an advertisement for it.  I think that this quote speaks to the whole idea that Mr. Darcy’s comment in the beginning, about Lizzie not being pretty enough to tempt him, had clouded her judgment because it hurt her pride.  I find that Lizzie is trying to hide behind a curtain of arrogance to conceal the pain she feels because while Mr. Darcy has proposed, he still felt that she wasn’t good enough for him.  I think that when we look at the arrogance between Lizzie and Mr. Darcy, we find a huge sense of falseness in both of them, but I believe Mr. Darcy will always have more arrogance than Lizzie.  I believe this so because of his upbringing.  I believe that because Lizzie came from a family of little money, little standing, little possibilities for the future, little hope for a better life.  I think that in order to forget about the faults in her life, she set up a persona full of a tight-knitted facade that no one should be able to pass through.  But what scares Lizzie the most, is that Mr. Darcy was able to, from the first moment she saw him, and from the first moment that he was rude to her.

I view the whole story of Mr. Darcy and Lizzie quite interesting in the fact that one seems to be prideful (Darcy), while it is Lizzie who is the President of fatal Pride. In a way, I believe that Pride and Prejudice are both of their fatal flaws.

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