Crushing on Mr. Wickham? Lies or Truth?

“Elizabeth honored him for such feelings, and though him handsomer than ever as he expressed them.” -Page 78:

Lizzie’s thoughts on Mr. Wickham; she’s developed a crush on him.  I find it a little mean that he so easily says that Miss Darcy is a prideful, mean, young woman.  It’s a little sad that Lizzie allows Mr. Wickham’s thoughts rule her own.  Mr. Wickham may be right about Mr. Darcy and his sister, but I would much rather prefer to have more proof.  I find that the conflict between Mr. Wickham, Elizabeth, and Mr. Darcy very trifling.  I think that Miss Austen must choose who she wants Lizzie’s focus to be on.  I don’t love triangles, they detract way too much from the central purpose of the story, which if you didn’t know already you need glasses:  the themes of Pride and Prejudice.

We learn, from having Mr. Collins bring up once again his esteemed Patroness Lady Catherine De Bourgh that she is Mr. Darcy’s aunt.  Okay, so I know that I have already acknowledged that I believe Lady Catherine must be Prejudiced, then her nephew must be as well.  So, I will say that I agree on this fact, but only because it is so blatantly obvious that he is prideful and prejudiced that it would make me a liar if I did not acknowledge it.  But now that I have, I will also say that I believe even has a little pride because if one did not, then they would not have any self-esteem either and that is not a good thing.  So maybe we should agree that the rich, Mr. Darcy and his aunt, should cut back on the haughtiness.

In Chapter 17 we are abruptly placed into the Netherfield Ball, hosted by the Bingleys.  It’s a nice quaint party, but as well all know, the Bennets dearly love entertainment.  So we begin off with a whining Elizabeth who is angry that Mr. Wickham is not in attendance, and thus blames it on Mr. Darcy.  But we later learn that Mr. Bingley nor Mr. Darcy did not not include Mr. Wickham, but Mr. Wickham of his own choices chose not to come to the party; we learn this tidbit of information at the same time as Miss Eliza.

It’s interesting, the contrast between LIzzie and Jane.  Lizzie believes the worst, while Jane looks to see the best.  Jane is described as an angel, and it seems to be not only because of her looks.  She thinks kindly of all people, and maybe that is her fault.  But Lizzie’s fault seems to be very similar but on the opposite side of the spectrum.  Lizzie is easily inclined to think the worst of people.  I like how Jane gives different point of views on Mr. Darcy, which gives both him and herself a new set of characterizations.  We learn that maybe the whole dealing between Wickham and Darcy is a misunderstanding, that maybe somewhere there’s a missing piece to this unfinished puzzle, although in Lizzie’s mind it is finished and sealed.  I myself am wondering what that missing piece is.  I wonder if maybe it is a misunderstanding, maybe Mr. Darcy is not at fault.  Or maybe, Mr. Darcy really is as  cruel as Wickham says.  Or maybe because we mainly gain insight from Lizzie’s mind, everything has been adulterated because of her hatred for Mr. Darcy.


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